Meet Orison

World's first self-installable energy storage

for ANY Household and Business
15 patents with 230 patent claims
6 national awards


How Orison Works

Provides any home or business with backup power and lower energy costs. Whether you get your energy from the grid or solar, you can now control when to store it and when to use it.

Why Choose Orison

Low Cost, Scalable Energy Storage

Easy Self-Installation

Install energy monitor, mount panel, and plug it in. No permit necessary.


2.2 kWh batteries engineered to scale to your growing needs. The more units you add, the more resilient your power. 

Lower Bills

Automatically optimizes your power - stores energy when rates are low and powers your home when rates are high.

Backup Power

Ensures that power is available where you want it during an outage.

App Control

Mobile app gives you visibility and control over your energy usage.


Stylish, low-profile, low-cost units serve any home, and enable renewables.


An Orison Panel contains two lithium-ion battery modules, a battery management system, a multi-port bidirectional inverter, and computing/communication modules. The storage units are paired with a single self-installable “stick-on” energy monitor placed at the main switchboard / circuit breaker panel. The system is scalable with the Orison Panel+ expansion units.

Read Up

No permits, wiring or construction.

Orison is designed to be effortless to install and operate. Weighing 85 pounds with no single component over 28 pounds, Orison can be mailed directly to your door. Once installed, simply plug it in like you would any other appliance, set-up with your Orison App, and you’re done.


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  • We have received product reservations from all over the world. With production capacity limited in the early years, we invite you to join our waitlist. Please fill out the form below. Orison is estimated to be commercially available Q4 2020. Units will ship once UL certified.

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