Wall Mounted

Orison Panel

The Orison Panel can be mounted on any wall or concealed behind furniture and appliances.


Effortless Installation

Installable indoors without utility approvals, construction or electrical permits. Ships to your door, unbox, then simply plug it into the wall outlet.

Ships To Your Door

Weighing less than 77 pounds, Orison can be mailed directly to your door.

Self Install & Plug It In

After installing the Orison Energy Monitor and setting up your storage unit(s), simply plug it in.

Start Storing Energy

Automatically begins working. No permits, construction or wiring.


Orison is designed to be mounted as an aesthetic display on any indoor wall in your home or business.


With custom covers, Orison can be used as an art piece, but it can also be easily hidden.


Orison’s mobile app gives you the comfort of having control over your usage and access to energy.


Orison is expandable through supplemental panels. The more units you add, the more resilient your power becomes.


Set the LED’s on your Orison to natural white, or choose from 16 million colors to light your room.


After installing the Orison Energy Monitor and setting up your storage unit(s), simply plug it in.


2.2 kWh


1.8 KW Continuous


>85-90% Roundtrip AC


100-240 VAC configurable

Scalable Storage

Increase your storage capacity with Orison Panel+.

The more units you have, the more resilient your power becomes. If you have a large demand on a single circuit, you can expand your storage capacity on that circuit by plugging one or more Orison Panel+ into the Orison Panel. You can add up to five Panel+ units to an Orison Panel device for a maximum storage capacity of 13.2kWh per main device.


Mobile App

Energy control at your fingertips.

Have control over your system and access to its insights, wherever you are. In the event of a power outage, know exactly when it happens and when the grid is restored and see the money your system saves you on energy.

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Knowledge Base

In-depth articles and FAQ’s on everything Orison.

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Who Can Use Orison?

Energy storage for all.



Orison energy storage is 100-240V @ 50-60Hz compatible and is being certified and designed to work around the globe.


Any Energy Consumer

Any energy consumer, whether you own or rent a home, townhome, condo or apartment can be an active member of the energy revolution.


Homes with Solar

Orison lets you store the solar energy you produce and use it whenever you need it.



Whether you operate a shop, restaurant, hotel or office, with Orison, electricity doesn't have to be one of your concerns.

How it works

The Orison Energy Monitor monitors the whole home’s energy usage – on a circuit by circuit basis – without entering the breaker/fuse box.   It is the first self-installable residential monitor that can measure the currents on all individual breakers, and ensures Orison energy storage does not export electricity beyond the utility meter.

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No permits, wiring or construction.

Orison is designed to be effortless to install and operate. Weighing less than 80 lbs., Orison can be mailed directly to your door. Once installed, simply plug it in like you would any other appliance, set-up with your Orison App, and you’re done.

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