Foundation for Smart Cities

Utilities need to keep the grid stable. Orison’s smart-grid approach provides the tools necessary for utilities to offer a better customer experience while directly influencing the grid’s ability to manage demand. Orison becomes the grid’s best wingman.

Flexible Virtual Grid

With Orison, utilities can make the shift to a flexible, data-driven electric grid in an orderly and scalable fashion without needing to replace or rebuild the current grid infrastructure. Orison enables a collaborative utility and customer relationship that is mobile app-driven and provides choice, control and an improved customer experience. We empower electric utilities and energy retailers with flexible virtual grid tools to improve grid resilience and manage peak loads at the lowest known entry point cost in the market.

Through Strategic Partnerships

Utilities can offer customers:


Time-of-use/dynamic pricing models and rate-based incentives/models


Subsidies and other offsets to the cost of Orison energy storage


Financing and leasing options

In Addition

Electric utilities may benefit from reduced transmission and distribution operational loss and lower overall grid maintenance costs.

Orison Cloud = Virtual Power Plant

Orison sets the foundation for a self-healing grid by embedding a network of IoT based, cloud-controlled, distributed energy resources close to the demand. This further reduces traffic on the distribution network. Orison can be aggregated and controlled as “virtual power plants” providing valuable distributed grid services through behind-the-meter load management for electric utilities.

Orison uses negative demand at the customer site to support grid services as opposed to exporting electricity back onto the grid.

The Orison Cloud control engine

Transforms distributed Orison systems into virtual power plants to:


Manage peak demand and shape load


Reduce grid congestion


Regulate grid services – Frequency and voltage


Offset T&D infrastructure investments


Enable a self-healing grid with increased renewables

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