Orison Cloud = Utility Control + Consumer Collaboration

Orison empowers electric utilities and energy retailers with flexible fleet control tools to improve grid resilience and manage peak loads at the lowest known entry cost in the market.

Flexible Virtual Grid

With the Orison platform, utilities can make the shift to a flexible, data-driven electric grid and reach all energy consumers, including high-density housing, renters, and apartment dwellers where solar is not a prerequisite. This can be achieved in an orderly and scalable fashion without the need to replace or rebuild the current grid infrastructure.

Through Orison/Utility Strategic Partnerships

Utilities Can Offer Customers:


Choice, control, and an improved customer experience


Time-of-use/dynamic pricing models and rate-based incentives/models


Subsidies and other incentives to the upfront cost of Orison energy storage


Financing and leasing options

Benefits to Electric Utilities Worldwide

Energy Retailers
Energy Trading; Frequency Control Services; & Load Shaping

T&D Investment Deferral; Voltage Support; & Congestion Relief

Centralized Generators
Levelized Demand

Virtual Power Plant

Orison sets the foundation for a self-healing grid by embedding a network of IoT based, cloud-controlled, distributed energy resources close to the demand. This further reduces traffic on the distribution network. Orison uses negative demand at the customer site to support grid services as opposed to exporting electricity back onto the grid.  

The Orison Cloud Control Engine

Technical Overview


Easy integration of Orison virtual power plant services and smart grid applications


Configurable modular functionality that can be switched on or off depending on the requirements of different utility customers


A customer mobile-app drive experience -- Orison branded or optional white label with the potential of future open APIs


IoT and data security to defend against attacks

No permits, wiring or construction.

Orison is designed to be effortless to install and operate. Weighing 85 pounds with no single component over 28 pounds., Orison can be mailed directly to your door. Once installed, simply plug it in like you would any other appliance, set-up with your Orison App, and you’re done.


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