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Why do we need Orison?

  October 3, 2016   |   Category: General

Everyone at Orison believes in a future where there is abundant, clean, and affordable energy for all. The Paris Agreement for climate action demonstrates that 196 nations believe this as well. To achieve this over the desired timeline, we must continue to increase the pace at which we change the way that energy is accessed and generated.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are a critical part of the solution, but they’re intermittent: limited to times when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. The challenge with renewables lies in accommodating this intermittency while meeting the increased demand for energy.

A future powered by sustainable energy is only possible through the mass adoption of stored energy systems. And the mass adoption of any technology begins with ease of use. Orison is the first and only product in the industry to be as effortless to install and operate as possible. It designed to be highly intelligent, sleek, small and light so they can be plug-and-play and therefore rapidly deployable, distributed and localized. By localizing and fully networking energy distribution, we collectively reduce peak demand and therefore strain on the grid.

The more people that use Orison, the more renewable energy that can be added to the grid.

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