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What is the Orison Energy Monitor?

  May 17, 2019   |   Category: Technology

The Orison Energy Monitor is the first self-installable residential monitor that can measure the currents on all individual breakers.  The monitor adheres to the face of the circuit breaker panel. It allows you to see what circuits are consuming power and will give you insights on how you can make your home more energy efficient.  It will show you what impact your Orison home battery system is having on your total power consumption and allow you to scale the system as appropriate.

The Orison Energy Monitor Kit consists of self-installable sensor strip (or strips) that are mounted next to the breaker row (or rows) on your switchboard / circuit breaker panel using self-adhesive strips; and of a rechargeable communication unit to be placed next to the switchboard also using self-adhesive strips. The energy monitor and communication unit are connected using the supplied cable. A microUSB charger is also provided in the kit.

The rechargeable communication unit contains a removable battery that requires charging every two to three months.  While the communication unit is charging, the energy monitor maintains power via a non-removable, rechargeable (via the main battery) internal backup battery for 24-48 hrs.  If a standard electrical outlet / power point is available (or if you have an electrician install one) at or within 1-2 m of the switchboard, the charger could be plugged in there, and no periodic removal and recharging of the communication unit battery would be required.

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