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How does Orison storage impact my circuits when the grid goes down?

  June 4, 2020   |   Category: Circuits

Orison storage is designed to provide power to critical appliances when the grid goes down.  During a power outage, an Orison storage unit isolates itself from the home circuit and supplies power directly to devices plugged into its UPS port.  By having multiple Orison storage units positioned next to the important appliances throughout the property you can ensure that power is still available where you want it during an outage.

If you desire backup power for devices not plugged directly into the Orison Panel appliance ports, the Orison App will direct the customer to manually open the circuit breaker in the breaker box associated with the storage unit.  When the unit detects the breaker being opened, it can supply power to all devices on that electrical circuit.  Once the grid returns, the Orison App will direct you to reset the breaker