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How does the Orison Panel+ work?

  June 4, 2020   |   Category: Expandable Storage

If you have a large energy demand on a single circuit, then you can expand your storage capacity on that circuit by plugging one or more Orison Panel+ into the master Orison Panel. The Orison Panel+ expandable units cost less by leveraging the power electronics and networking capabilities of the master unit. 

For example, a modern, energy efficient refrigerator/freezer uses about one kilowatt-hour per day so a single master Orison Panel would keep it going for one to or two days in case of a blackout. If you wanted to ensure longer backup, adding one secondary unit could extend it to two to four days.

The number you could install depends on how much energy you use per day from an economic perspective and how many circuits you’d like to maintain operational during a blackout