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What is the required hardware?

  June 4, 2020   |   Category: Self-Install

One Orison Energy Monitor is required per household to support the operational safety of your Orison Panel and Orison Panel+ storage units.  The Orison Energy Monitor consists of self-installable sensor strip(s) that are mounted next to the breaker row(s) on your switchboard / circuit breaker panel using self-adhesive strips; and a communications head unit to be placed next to the switchboard also using self-adhesive strips. The strip(s) and head unit are connected using the supplied cable(s). A charger with a microUSB plug is also included.

The Orison Energy Monitor’s head unit consists of a battery part and processing part. If you have a receptacle right by your switchboard / circuit breaker panel, you can plug the charger into the head unit and it will be consistently powered. If you do not have it plugged in, you will need to remove the battery part and plug it into its charger, or any microUSB charger, for approximately 12 hours every 45 to 90 days. The Orison App will notify you when it’s time