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What’s included in the expandable Orison Panel+?

  June 4, 2020   |   Category: Expandable Storage

The Orison Panel+ includes battery storage and battery monitoring electronics. Orison storage is expandable with the Orison Panel+ units so you can extend the discharge time. The expansion units leverage the power electronics and networking capabilities of the master unit. The Orison Panel+ features the same controllable LED lights as the Orison Panel

Irrespective of whether it is a single master unit or a set that includes the expansion units, the Orison Panel on a single circuit discharges at a maximum continuous total rate of 1.8kW (15A-120V). On a single circuit, you can combine a main unit with five expandable units for a maximum storage capacity of 13.2kWh, or additional main/expansion unit sets for more, albeit with the total 1.8 kW maximum output—defined by the circuit amperage limitations.  If additional output is required, it is recommended that additional Orison energy storage units be installed on different circuits