The True Nature of Plug-and-Play

January 10, 2017

Emily Jiles


Before you hopped on to your computer to read this article, you didn’t have to first program your computer to use your mouse, right?

You can thank Windows 95 because 22 years ago computer users had no choice but to spend significant amounts of time entering the proper configurations to use their external devices with their computers.

The solution to the problem came from a new computer specification called “plug-and-play” (or more simply, PnP) that was developed by Microsoft and incorporated into Windows 95.

Today, the phrase “plug-and-play” has been adopted by many energy storage companies, including Orison, to describe their products. But what does that mean? What are we trying to convey?

As explained by The PC Guide:

The goal of Plug and Play is to create a computer whose hardware and software work together to automatically configure devices and assign resources, to allow for hardware changes and additions without the need for large-scale resource assignment tweaking. As the name suggests, the goal is to be able to just plug in a new device and immediately be able to use it, without complicated setup maneuvers.[1]

Working automatically is the true nature of plug-and-play technology.

Many companies who boast the simplicity of plug-and-play technology mean something quite different. There are plenty of products that are easy to install, but only for an electrician/licensed installer. These products may be straightforward to set up, but only if you have the necessary permitting to do so lawfully.

Plug-and-play is about immediacy and simplicity for the customer/user, not the producer and the electrician.

Like the developers behind plug-and-play software, Orison performs all of the technologically complex processes and fulfills the necessary regulations and codes so that you don’t have to.

When Orison arrives in a box on your doorstep, all you have to do is plug your unit into the wall and set up via the Orison mobile app to begin changing your energy future.

No scheduling or paying installers, no permits, and no complicated set-up procedures—you are in complete, effortless control. Orison embodies the automatic nature of plug-and-play technology.