The World’s Only Self-Installable Home Battery System Enables Solar

February 3, 2020

Orison Team

Solar as a Mainstream Solution is Dependent on Storage 

The existing electric grid was built to move power in one direction, from a centralized generation source (power plant) to distributed loads (buildings, homes). It was not built to accommodate bidirectional energy flow. The current influx of distributed solar is putting strain on the grid that needs to accommodate solar, acting as a de facto storage solution. As solar penetration scales, this will only exacerbate the challenges for utilities, who in some cases may place limits or constraints on the amount of allowable solar in an area or region. The Orison home battery system helps to alleviate this issue.


Solar + Orison, the Renewable Answer

The Orison home battery system is a behind-the-meter, distributed network storage product that collectively makes the grid exponentially more efficient—capable of handling the growing influx of intermittent renewable energy, without the high cost of new infrastructure.

Smart battery storage solutions are uniquely positioned to improve the power quality of any generation that may need to be exported beyond the consumer meter.  During the day, as different appliances are turned on and off, the house draws varying amounts of power. These appliances reduce the home’s power factor by shifting current and voltage out of phase or by distorting the current waveform. The power factor decreases even more as the home’s solar array begins to produce power. The grid must be able to compensate for both phase and distortion. The Orison battery becomes the home’s energy-storage and microgrid system.

The Orison battery limits the biggest power draws in real time. We also take some of the burden from the grid by increasing the power factor of any exported power. As a result, the home acts as either a simple load or as a power generator. Other than the experimental system that Pecan Street in Texas built, the Orison battery is the only known storage solution to operate in this capacity.

Economical, Scalable, Simple, & Smart

Orison energy storage allows existing and new solar customers to maximize their consumption of solar production. Solar customers can add Orison storage at any time, even alongside existing storage products to increase overall system capacity. Its expandable, self-install design allows it to be the lowest entry point cost in the market for all consumers to participate. The product is:

  • Utility approval free
  • Electrician free
  • Compatible for all homes and apartments

New Solar or Existing Solar Installations
Customers can economically scale Orison storage to meet budget and capacity needs

Protection During Grid Outages
Enables the use of solar when the grid is down

No Regulatory Restrictions
Allows customers to install solar in areas where the grid cannot accept any additional capacity

Enhances Economic Value of Solar
Captures the value of rooftop solar where net metering is not available or economical

How Orison Enables Savings

Orison enables solar customers to scale their battery system with enough storage capacity to capture and/or offset excess solar electricity generation. Calculating cost savings is dependent on a home’s utility rate structure, energy usage, and solar and storage capacity. For example, in states that have removed net metering for solar owners (ie solar energy being pushed to the grid receives a reduced value from the utility), customers will be able to use Orison energy storage to keep solar generation on their side of the meter for later use versus exporting it back to the grid and receiving little to no value.

Additionally, the integrated Orison hardware/software solution is designed to deal with the forthcoming Dynamic Pricing that Utilities are planning for future billing schemes. Rates are changing, which will make home energy storage ever more important.  Other global use cases also work for Time of Use customers, such as in California, due to the high daytime rates and low to no charge nighttime rates.