Orison is a Semifinalist in the American-Made Solar Prize Set! Contest

March 23, 2020

Orison Team

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s American-Made Challenges has named Orison a Solar Prize Round 2 semifinalist. Orison is one of 20 semifinalist teams selected from over 125 applicants to continue onto the Set! Contest of the American-Made Solar Prize. We are excited to join a movement of problem solvers.

Watch our Set! Demo final pitch to the judges:

During the Set! Contest, we substantially advanced our technology solution.

Production Unit Design Finalized
Orison has completed all the hardware for the Orison Energy Monitor, monitoring strips, Orison Panel (storage), and smart plug. We also completed packaging.

App and Cloud Software Design Finalized
Orison has developed the full Orison customer journey, UX/UI, and mobile app prototype.

Regulatory Approval Progress
We have UL/UN certified battery modules and are currently in final compliance testing with iCertify and Intertek. We anticipate compliance approval March 2020.

Manufacturing Partner
Additionally, we have manufacturing set up via an American-Made Network partner for the complete product platform and anticipate a US Q4 2020 launch.

The American-Made Network is designed to strengthen and scale critical connections to support competitors in the American-Made Challenges. The American-Made Network brings together resources to support competitors throughout competitions, helping to build new businesses and advance the U.S. solar industry. The Network includes national laboratories, incubators, fabrication facilities, investors, and seasoned industry mentors who can earn recognition rewards for engaging, mobilizing, mentoring, and helping to advance competitor solutions.