A Day in the Life of Orison Energy Storage

January 17, 2017

Emily Jiles


So what does Orison do when it isn’t saving the day during a blackout?

On a typical day, as you pass Orison on your way to make your morning cup of coffee, or head to the office to get started on the work day, you don’t have to do anything.

Orison is configured to respond intelligently to your electrical situation automatically upon plugging it into the wall and configuring your unit(s) via the Orison App. Your unit works constantly to save you money and support the planet by enabling a healthier grid.

Saving You Money

Orison charges from the grid when rates are low (typically mid-day when everyone is at work), and then discharges when rates are high (in the morning and evening when TV’s are running and lights are on).

During normal grid operations—during peak pricing schedules—Orison will cover any demand on any and all circuits in the house, quite unlike how Orison responds during a blackout situation.

So if you turn on the TV in the family room and run your air conditioning at the same time, Orison replaces expensive electricity from the grid and supplies both loads with the less expensive power it collected during lower cost periods.

Orison does everything possible to save you money on your utility bill 24 hours a day, and you never have to lift a finger. Though, if you want to invest time into scheduling operations on your own, you have the option.

And while Orison does everything possible to save you money on your utility bill, it is also enabling the electric grid to become more stable and efficient, which contributes to reductions in fossil fuels as well as natural resource depletion.

Supporting the Planet

Globally, national, state, and city governments are focused on sustainability, and mandate utilities to reach renewable varying energy goals. For example, California aims to run on 50% renewable energy by 2030; Hawaii, 100% by 2045.

Utilities, in turn, are pouring incredible amounts renewable energy from sources like solar and wind onto the grid.

While we are taking these wonderful steps towards a healthier environment, this influx of renewable energy is causing significant problems for the grid. 

The grid is antiquated, lacking flexibility, communication, and control. It was designed to support fossil fuels, not renewables. The grid is currently not prepared to handle the numerous ever shifting sources of demand and generation it is now trying to manage.

As a result, the grid is becoming unstable and therefore unprepared to effectively supply homes during peak demand times. Yet, utilities must fulfill mandates for supply and guaranteed operation to meet their fiduciary obligations, and so renewables continue to pour onto the grid at an incredible rate.

Enter Orison!

By charging during low demand times and reducing or eliminating demand during peak hours, Orison relieves traffic congestion from the aging grid and enables the grid to support increasing amounts of renewables. 

Orison is flexible, ready to adapt to change within the grid to provide you with peace of mind. You can know that whether the grid is up or down, Orison always has you covered while making the world cleaner and more green.