Changing Energy Forever

January 11, 2018

Eric Clifton

Founder, President & CEO

I have always been a problem solver. I see macro level problems, such as the mismatch between utility generation and times of great energy demand, and have clarity around how to address or fix those issues. At Orison, we are working to address the utility demand issue, enabling peak energy at any given point. An energy storage solution that helps utilities move from traditional business models to a customer focused, service-centric model. One that allows electric companies to replace old power plants with clean energy.

My inspiration for Orison came out of frustration with my own home’s energy situation. Our utility had switched our home to a time-of-use utility rate structure, which meant that our electric bill didn’t change unless we shifted our energy usage to the evening. We started to do our chores at night. I was upset about a lack of quality family time, and began to envision a network operated distributed energy solution for my home and the larger grid.

The Orison home battery reduces energy costs and provides backup power during blackouts. Our energy storage system gives you control to store or access energy from any electricity source, including grid or solar power. When powered by the grid, Orison stores energy when utility rates are low to power home or business when rates are high. By localizing energy distribution, Orison saves money and reduces peak demand.

I spent a lot of years thinking how to make this work. If we are going to move to a clean energy future we have to bring renewables on to the grid. We can’t take six months to a year to install one device, we have to do this quickly.

We envision Orison being in all households in a few years.