Orison’s Eric Clifton Speaks at IoT World 2017

May 17, 2017

Melanie Venter

In May 2017, Orison’s founder & CEO Eric Clifton presented at the Internet of Things World conference, as a panelist on both the Smart Cities track and the Smart Home track.

IoT World 2017’s Smart Cities track session entitled “Looking into the future: Smart Cities Utilities Infrastructure” covered:

  • Smart electric power solutions for smart cities
  • Smart gear and devices to enhance connectivity
  • Advanced meter solutions
  • Opportunities to realize new efficiencies and define revenue streams

The Smart Home track session entitled “Joining Forces: The Value of Partnerships to Create a Truly Smart Home for the Consumer” covered:

  • Exploring cord cutting and moving towards streaming and connected media consumption
  • Unlocking the true value for consumers: What are they willing to pay and what will they pay for?
  • Monetization opportunities for advertising?
  • What will be the smart home’s killer user interface? Voice vs. apps
  • Overcoming barriers to mass-market adoption: high prices, limited demand, device replacement
    cycles, technological fragmentation of the ecosystem